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Lawful Interception

TJ Infotech’s experience and network in this domain supports and enables our allies to provide Integrators servicing government agencies with Lawful Interception monitoring capabilities to safeguard the citizens.


Lawful Interception technology provides essential functionality and infrastructure within a telecommunications or network system that enables authorized law enforcement or government agencies to legally monitor and intercept communications, such as phone calls, text messages, emails, and data transmissions, for investigative or security purposes.


This capability plays a crucial role in upholding national security, law enforcement, and public safety while also respecting individual privacy and civil liberties.

Key features of the Lawful Interception solution options are the following:

Interception Interface:


Standardized interfaces that allow authorized agencies to connect to network nodes or service providers' infrastructure, ensuring seamless access to target communications.

Target Identification:

​Accurate identification of specific targets or individuals subject to interception.

Real-Time Monitoring:


Real-time monitoring of intercepted communications, providing law enforcement with immediate access to relevant information.

Data Collection:


Intercepted data can encompass various forms, including voice calls, text messages, internet traffic, and metadata.


The solution would be capable of capturing and storing this data securely for analysis.

Security and Privacy Measures:


Robust security measures to safeguard the intercepted data, preventing unauthorized access.

Audit Trails:

Comprehensive logging and auditing capabilities are essential to track and record all lawful interception activities, aiding in accountability and transparency.

User Authentication:

Only authorized personnel would have access to the interception system, with strong user authentication and access control mechanisms in place.

Reporting and Analysis Tools:

User-friendly tools for analyzing intercepted data, generating reports, and extracting actionable intelligence.

Compliance with International Standards:


Aligns with international standards related to lawful interception.

Training and Support:


Training and technical support services are available to ensure that authorized personnel can effectively use the interception capability.

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