PTY-20 Internal Electronic Pressure Gauge

TY-20 Internal Electronic Pressure Gauge (IEPG) is mainly designed for chamber pressure measurement in medium and large caliber guns. Such instruments can be placed in the powder chamber or cartridge case to record the chamber pressure signal during the firing. Drilling holes at the bottom of barrels to install sensors and leading our cables through the breech system is needed.

IEPG is a completely autonomous system which contains all essential elements such as an internationally approved piezoelectric transducer, onboard electronics, power supply (standard battery) in a rugged steel housing of small dimensions. It features independence in measuring, high accuracy, easy handling, reliability, safety and above all cost-effectiveness. Any guns in service (caliber 57mm or above) can be used for the measurement tasks. All it takes is to activate the system, place the IEPG in the powder chamber or cartridge case, fire, read out data into a portable computer via infrared interface and USB interface, process data in field or laboratory. The IEPG can be used for R&D, acceptance or routine testing and for testing of old ammunition stocks in service.

Features & Advantages:

  • Data communication via wireless infrared interface and USB interface
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer battery (more than 500 times of recharge cycles).
  • Small volume – 22cm3
  • No cable connection
  • Flash memory
  • Sampling frequency and trigger level are programmable¬†

Special-use Accessories & Tools

Operation Exclusive-use Analysis Software Interface

Technical Parameters