TJI Multiple Site Entry and Occupancy Control System

Advance Technology Product for Work Site Safety

Social distancing, occupancy monitoring and counting the volume of people entering and exiting a building or worksite are all critical in ensuring that everyone remains healthy and customers are safe. It provides managers with the information required to keep the staff and customers safe by enforcing social distancing through calculated data. People counting software generates live readouts of these data points so that everyone remains calm.

Together with the advanced facial recognition-based Time & Attendance System (TJI VMS), embedded with temperature recording and IoT sensor doors to enable organizations move towards a ‘Touch-less’ attendance and workplace access.

Key functions & Applications:

  • Easy to install and deploy on site. Portable system that can be relocated to another site after use.
  • Auto registration of workers and visitors at site for Safe Entry.
  • Dynamic live information on the number of workers at each zone or area which can be viewed remotely.
    • WhatsApp, email invite, pre-register
    • PDPA Compliant
  • Opt-in health declaration questionnaire
  • East to communicate with third-party turnstile
  • Segregate hosts and visitors


Segregate Host and Visitors

Building Blocks/Key components

TJI Visitor Management System (VMS)

Facial Recognition/Time Attendance

Main functions:

  • Fully automated self-service Visitor Registration
  • WhatsApp, email invite, pre-register
  • Complied with PDPA
  • opt in health declaration questionnaire
  • Built-in IO output or Wiegand out
  • easy to communicates with the third-party turnstile
  • Options for standalone
  • Reduces visitor visiting time
  • First in last out data

Building blocks/Key components

Key benefits