Radio Accessories (PTT, RSM, Antenna & Battery)

3-wire covert ear piece for Motorola Tetra Radio

This Motorola Tetra radio earpiece is professional 3 wire covert acoustic kit. This consists of a connector that plugs into the base of the radio terminal with 3 leads coming from it. The first wire goes to a discreet clear coiled tube earpiece which is difficult to see and easily hidden by hair and collar. The second wire goes to a small microphone with a clothing pin which is pinned to the shirt near the lapel. The third wire goes to a PTT / Microphone. Sound quality and the clarity are exceptional.

This Motorola Tetra earpiece is suitable for down sleeve, under clothing operation or can be clipped near the lapel or to the vest. This fit system works very well for security officers and door supervisors.


  • The 3-wire earpiece kit provides excellent durability, reliability and performance.
  • Made for down sleeve and under clothing operation.
  • Sound quality and the clarity are exceptional. Highly recommended!
  • The transparent tube would be hardly noticed by others around you.
  • Built-in electric microphone. The hidden micro-speaker is
  • located in the centre of PTT switch.
  • Excellent for close protection operatives.
  • Package included: Black wired earpiece + clear acoustic tube with earbud + extra earbud.
  • Compatible with Motorola Tetra radios.