Stabilizer FOV with RSM 400

The RSM 400 is the Rugged Stabilization Mount for the marine and land area and airborne. The weatherproof construction, the innovative and extra small round shape, high quality materials and a robust build guarantee an effective use of this stabilization system. The manufactured basic plate allows an adaption of many cameras and scanners and can lift up to 15.0 kg. A payload up to 35.0 kg is also available as optional through the use of stronger engines. The RSM Mount Control App enables multitude control and analysis possibilities without the need of an external control panel or other third party software.

Solutions for Monitoring Buoy: A complete modular real-time system for water monitoring which includes:

  • A surface buoy equipped with modular sensors and sub
  • Intelligent System control and Logging
  • Remotely configured without the need of local intervention
  • Data transfers over the communication link (Radio, Sat or Cellular)
  • Remote setup

Fabrication at site