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Established, Reputable and Trusted Technology Solutions Expert
  • TJ Infotech  works with partners and allies to provide options for mission-critical  solutions  for  government  agencies. These solutions are specifically catered based on Partner’s requirements.

  • Solution Experience: TJ Infotech has extensive and proven experience in understanding, consulting and supporting a wide scope of projects and systems, ensuring the quality of projects that are delivered by our Partners according to their technology needs.

TJ Infotech is experienced in identifying different technology solutions
in the following areas:
Video Monitoring
IT & Cybersecurity
Artificial Intelligence
Security Solutions

Consultancy Service and Project Support:

  • Experienced in project consultancy roles and supporting large Integrators.

  • Our capabilities have been recognized in the industry, and we have formed strategic alliances with leading companies globally for sourcing their technologies.

  • TJ Infotech protects its reputation of high integrity and trust by carrying out each project consultancy transparently with complete coordination with allies, effectively and efficiently in order to provide satisfaction to all  metrics.

Our Customers:

Solutions for Military, Police and Intelligence

We have been supporting leading technology vendors and Software Integrators in building their solutions for their end-customers, primarily in the Government Sector.

Our Network:

TJ Infotech has worked with different industry-leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) throughout the world. We are fully dedicated to providing the best advice and lending our expertise to our allies to meet all customers’ project requirements and deliver projects within the agreed timelines.

Experts in Aeronautics Industry: Supply and Maintenance
Our Service Philosophy:
Exceed All Parties’ Expectations
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