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Secured Radio Communications
and Public Safety Solutions

Technology to empower front liners to protect and serve with confidence, ensuring a safer and more secure future for all.

TJ Infotech has a deep understanding of the dynamic security challenges and the critical need for effective public safety response. We offer our expertise and insight in understanding & proposing providers with Secured Radio Communications and Public Safety Solutions.  


Our capability to design robust Radio Network Infrastructures as well as our network of trusted solutions providers for Tactical Portable and Mobile Radios empower Prime Integrators in offering solutions for first responders, law enforcement agencies, and security professionals.  These Mission-Critical groups will then be armed with the tools needed to communicate securely and efficiently in even the most demanding scenarios.

Tactical Portable and Mobile Radios

Our network of partners and providers for Tactical Portable and Mobile Radios offer Best-in-Class solutions with the following highlights:

Advanced Encryption and Security:


Equipped with cutting-edge encryption technologies and ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information.


Voice, data, and messaging are protected against eavesdropping and cyber threats, guaranteeing secure communication channels.


The radios seamlessly integrate with existing communication networks, facilitating cross-agency collaboration and coordination during emergencies.


Compatibility with various international standards ensures communication across different organizations

Reliability in Any Environment:


Engineered to deliver exceptional coverage and range, the radios remain dependable even in challenging conditions, ensuring constant connectivity when it matters most.



Built to withstand the harshest of conditions. Rigorous testing ensures MIL-STD standards are met or exceeded, providing consistent performance in the toughest situations.

Enhanced Audio Clarity:


Clarity of audio guarantees that every word is heard, enhancing situational awareness and informed decision-making.

User-Friendly Design:

The radios prioritize user-friendliness with intuitive interfaces, ergonomic controls, and customizable settings.

Operating the radios is straightforward and efficient, even in high-stress situations.

Radio Network Infrastructure

Robust Network Architecture:


We advise and offer consultation to our partners in building Radio Network Infrastructure which provide a resilient and scalable foundation for radio communications.


Such foundation would ensure seamless connectivity across a wide geographic area, reducing dead zones and ensuring uninterrupted communication.

Redundancy and Disaster Recovery:


We advise our partners in the proper incorporation of redundancy and disaster recovery features into the infrastructure to minimize downtime during unexpected events.


This enhances the overall resilience and reliability of the communications network.

High Data Throughput:


We assist in designing infrastructure which supports high data throughput to accommodate the increasing demands for multimedia communication and data-sharing capabilities required by public safety operations.

Security and Access Control:


Robust security measures, including authentication protocols and access control mechanisms, safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of the communication network.

Network Monitoring and Management:


We offer our services in sourcing tools for real-time network monitoring and management, ensuring optimal performance and allowing for rapid response to any issues that may arise.

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