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Security Solutions

TJ Infotech’s consultative experience involves providing guidance to Integrators to offer expertise to government agencies in building a proper roadmap to upgrade and modernize their Homeland Security infrastructure and capabilities with the latest technologies and equipment.

Tactical Systems

TJ Infotech can offer advice on a range of solution options designed to gather actionable information and protect against illegal and hostile scrutiny. These capabilities include:


  • Information Gathering: Refers to equipment with advanced sensors and cameras that can monitor and record activities in real-time. These provide situational awareness for military and security operations, helping to gather critical information for decision-making.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): Some systems include the deployment of tactical UAVs for aerial information-gathering and awareness. These UAVs can be used to collect data in areas that are difficult to access or too dangerous for human personnel.

  • Maritime Awareness: Tactical Systems may also have capabilities for maintaining awareness on maritime activities, including ship movements, fishing, and potential threats at sea. 

  • Counter-Drone Technology: To counter potential threats from drones, these systems may incorporate counter-drone technology. This includes detecting and stopping unauthorized drones from entering restricted airspace.

  • Counter Tactical: The focus is on detecting and mitigating unauthorized observation efforts from illegal groups and involves continuous monitoring for rogue RF emissions from bugs and monitoring devices, ensuring the protection of sensitive information.

Digital Forensics

TJ Infotech has extensive experience and trusted relationships working with Digital Forensic vendors with solutions that effectively and systematically investigates and analyzes digital devices, networks, and systems to uncover digital evidence related to cybercrimes or incidents.


These vendors have capabilities involving a range of processes, techniques, and tools to collect, preserve, examine, and present digital evidence.


Digital Forensic solutions are crucial for government agencies to investigate and respond to cybercrimes, data breaches, and other digital incidents effectively.

TJ Infotech helps Integrators maintain digital security and justice in the digital age.
Key aspects include:

Evidence Collection

Gathers digital data from various sources, including computers, mobile devices, and servers, while ensuring data integrity and maintaining a chain of custody.

Analysis and Examination

Examines digital artifacts, such as files, logs, and network traffic, to identify cyber threats, malicious activities, or evidence of wrongdoing.

Incident Response

Responds swiftly to cybersecurity incidents, conducts investigations, and mitigates threats to minimize damage and prevent future attacks.

Forensic Tools and Techniques

Knowledge and utilization of specialized software and methodologies for data recovery, decryption, and analysis.

Documentation and Reporting

Documents findings and prepares comprehensive reports.

Continuous Improvement

A commitment to staying up to date with evolving technology and cyber threats, as well as improving forensic processes and skills.

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